How can Feldenkrais method help with movement difficulties, Poor posture, arthritis, tendonitis, movement problems due to injury, stroke or illness, discover new movement
Pathways, literally re-train the nervous system so that improvement and healing can occur. Repetitive strain injuries? learn to use more of the bigger muscles in the body to do the job

TMj and Migraines? ranging from stress to improper neck alignment, explore the movement patterns that led to the TMj  and devise a program that gently re-organizes the neck/head/jaw relationship.

Stress relief?

  • Quiet the nervous system
  • Focus on breathing, relax the mind. as well as provide much needed oxygen
  • The lessons direct your attention to areas that are in “holding pattern”, where excess muscular tension is tiring the body.

ADD/ADHD? – Feldenkrais lessons help quiet the mind. They are also interesting and challenging students feel the difference in their thinking process right away.

Feldenkrais once said, “It’s not flexible bodies I’m after, it’s flexible minds”.
Fibromyalgia/Insomnia? Sleep disorders, Chronic fatigue, etc. are often characterized by poor breathing, excess muscles tonus and an overactive sympatric nervous system, learn simple techniques that allow the sys to rest, and therefore recuperate.



“Movement is life. Life is a process Improve the quality of the process and you will improve the quality of life it self”

Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais