After a lifetime of various injuries from martial arts and outdoor adventures, these were exacerbated by a near-fatal mauling by a leopard. In addition to the standard flesh-ripping, nerve damaging wounds, I had nerve impingement resulting in numbness, tingling +loss of strength in my left arm. Thus began a series of visits and treatment to neurologists, chiropractors, physical therapists, etc.

In the 3rd week of our then 2x weekly Feldenkrais sessions, I noticed my symptoms were all nearly gone. Without a doubt, this was certainly far and above the efficient + effective treatment I could have hoped for. Deepest thanks,

Paul Fisher

Three years ago, before I attended Iris Alsheh’s moment classes I had a round shouldered posture and I limped. After attending weekly classes and receiving private sessions, I stand, sit and walk with confidence and competence.

Helena Heppner


Dear Iris, this Holiday season marks the 3-year anniversary of my attendance of your wonderful Feldenkrais Method class.  Since the start of my attendance, along with only few other participants, our group grew.

So much so, that at times we have quite limited space to fit all who want to attend.This is the best testimony to the quality of this program, as well as your amazing ability to teach and create the ever growing interest of your old and new students.

I would like to express my appreciation for your efforts and dedication to maintaining the wellbeing of our community.

Sincerely, your faithful student,



 I have been in Iris Alsheh’s “Awareness of Movement”
class for two years.
During this time, I observed many positive changes in my body. For example, my lower back is better and my neck pain is completely gone. I walk with confidence, my back straighter and a bounce in my step.
Iris is always ready to help in a professional, friendly manner. She has a positive attitude and conveys it to her students.
I would recommend Iris Alsheh’s as a skilled and capable teacher of the Feldenkreis method.

 Leah Muller 


Iris is a remarkable, helpful and compassionate teacher. Her diversified skills and knowledge benefit us all.  I enjoy and look forward to her classes which are geared for all levels. She challenges us to be more aware of our bodies and reactions.

Feldenkrais has enabled me to walk and adjust my body to cope with elevated pain for debilitating spinal problems.  The variety of lessons help relieve other symptoms.  There is oalways an exercise to help correct and adjust ones body. This is a big help for my spondilolythesis and sciatica nerve.

After just one lesson it feels as if one has had an hour body massage and one feels taller and more balanced.  It can be done on a chair and/or floor mat for all levels of disabilities.

The variety of classes always challenges and improves me and makes be more adjusted and stronger.

Helaine Donen


Iris has been my Feldenkrais practitioner and friend.  I love her work.  I take her classes and get individual “lessons,” which really are body work to help me feel lighter and more balanced.  I recommend both wholeheartedly.

Max Amichai Heppner


Hi Iris,
I wanted to give you an update on my knees and thank you for the wonderful zoom lesson.  
I visited an orthopedist who took xrays and showed me that both my knees have significant arthritis. The cartilage in my right knee is just about gone; it is mostly bone-on-bone. He said that I will ultimately need knee replacements, but that I cannot do any lasting damage by waiting to get it.
Meanwhile, the Feldenkrais exercises have been amazing! I have been doing them faithfully almost every evening and the improvement in my knee function and reduction in pain and discomfort are significant. I thank you for the lesson and especially for being so patient with the technical problems I was having with the zoom. I was able to watch the video you sent and I wrote down all the exercises in detail. It’s been wonderful.
Thank you again. Please be well.
Peter Maers